Shot & Cut By: Eric Latek
Music By: Mauro Colangelo
“Anna’s Poem” Written and Spoken By her Daughter: Dianne Williams

This short documentary is the soul of my Godmother Anna, a beautiful Native American mother, grandmother and wife who has fell victim to Alzheimer’s.  I felt compelled to turn my camera on and show the disease straight on.  Although my Godmother appeared to be fully consumed by the disease, something deeper inside me felt that there was a person who wanted us to know that she was still here.  I did not want any interviews or opinions of Anna’s condition.  This short film is not about the disease, rather the blooming spirit of Anna within her fragile shell.  This film is through her eyes only.  Thank you for spending time with her.

  1. Thank you so much Melissa! Truly appreciate that! As far as Tiger, I’m going to post info on the timeline of where we stand. Its been a common questions lately. As far as the release of Tiger, we are some time away just because I am still filming. And really, its a new chapter, a very important chapter, I need to be patient and document. This process will take me into another year or so of filming. Its could lead to Gary recovering. Maybe 100% maybe 5%. But its important I continue to film. In the meantime, I will continue to show scenes, vignettes, Gary and Chrissy will post family diaries, and Gary and I will do some video podcast. All for the sake to keep folks inform and also have some fun. Thank you so much Melissa! I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy New Year!

  2. Totally understood!!! I will be following closely!!! Thank you for the response! One more question.. do you have anything out there other then Anna I could watch?

  3. My pleasure! I do have my own site. Anna and Tiger are my power pieces due to the nature of the story. There is a bunch of animations I have done, motion graphics, profiles, experiments. All different things. I have short coming out called Branch. I’ll show a rough cut of the first five minutes. I’m a one man show, so I try to always pump out whatever personal works I am doing, to release me from the day to day client, studio and network stuff I have to do that is not my own or less personal.

  4. You are old school hard core my friend. I admire you for allowing your camera to follow the story and tell you when to stop filming instead of your deciding when to stop filming. Your not trying to force and angle or make “the” documentary. You are just letting your camera tell an incredible story. Great stuff!

  5. Tom Zammarelli thank you so, so much my friend!!!! I’m trying my best, thats for man sure! Truly appreciate the feedback my man!

  6. By the way Tom Zammarelli being Old School is one of the best compliments I could get! Thats what I want, both in look and in style!

  7. Asirvada Anna reaching Nirvana. अन्ना को आशीर्वाद निर्वाण Ommmmmm तक पहुँचने

  8. My mother has Alzheimer’s. This was a beautiful way to honor Anna. Very nice.

  9. What a wonderful thing to do that can be passed down for generations great job

  10. Brilliant! 🙂
    Hmm…I think, im having signs of it.. there r some events or moments in my life that I cant remmber anymore 🙁

  11. You did a wonderful thing when you made this film about Anna. It is sad that we have the disease in our own family.

  12. Thank you Aunty Betty Brown!!! This disease certainly has not been nice to our family, thats for sure. Love you!

  13. Rose Rita Henderson Thank you so much! As far as signs, I myself, have a seriously bad short term memory. I find supplementing my vitamin with Omega-3, B-Vitamins and Pure protein, des seem to help my daily well being. Not a cure of course, but what we put into our body is rather crucial for mental support.

  14. Oh…really? try finding those suplemnts 🙂 thank u so much Eric 🙂 it wil b a big help 🙂 by the way, I have watched ur 2nd trailer of TIGER.. that`s really a great one, for sure.. #Touched

  15. Rose Rita Henderson Thank you so much!!! That really means so much! Its been so much blood, sweat and tears with myself and the Balletto family. We are looking for an amazing outcome to this story. We just have to be patient. Thank you so much!

  16. eric you always amaze our family i watched the movie for the bemillionth time the other day brings more joy evrytime to remember my gramma

  17. Congratulations Mr. Director you are the best, simply the best. You belong with Scorsese, Spielberg, and now Eric Latek…

  18. Eric Latek, congratulations my old friend! When was this event? Were you in Phoenix, and I didn’t get the chance to see you?

  19. Wow congrats what an accomplishment!!!! You know she is smiling in heaven!!!!!❤️

  20. Well deserved. I’ve seen it several times. It’s incredible! Congratulations my friend!!

  21. Congratulations Eric Latek. You’ve come a long way since making those funny movies in your mom’s basement. Remember our Michael Jackson video when Bubbles was gunned down in a drive by lol!!!

  22. So happy that your wonderful storytelling is appreciated by both audiences and your peers. You are not only a true professional but a great human being. Bravo!

  23. Brendon McGraw Unfortunately I could not make the festival. I certainly would have let you know. I had to work in Cali at that time.

  24. George Toby HA! I swear I was watching those videos like one month ago. I should post one!!!

  25. Steve Feinberg Thank you so much brother. Right back at you in every way bud!

  26. Eric, I just went on your website and watched it again, so moving…what a great tribute to Anna. Mauro Colangelo the music was beautiful! Well deserving of such accolades…Next stop Academy Awards !

  27. Sandra Luzzi Sneesby You’re the Best! So glad we are working together again!!!!

  28. Eric Congrats! I know this was a labor of love and you were not out to win any awards when you made this. I remember watching it the first time for the story and then going back and watching it again and just looking at your choices of lenses, angles, cuts, and all the other subtle touches that you put into your work. I’m glad others still value letting one’s camera tell the story as you do. Happy Easter!

  29. congratulations Eric I am so proud of you. You must get your smarts form your mother and I. Love Aunty Betty Brown

  30. Tom Zammarelli Truly, truly appreciate such great words and complete understanding of what I was trying to do with this personal film. Thank you so much!

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