Project: #BEATIGER

Shot/Cut/Colored: Eric Latek

Music Score: Mauro Colangelo

Hard times fall upon everybody. Some worse than others. Perhaps, like Gary “Tiger” Balletto, you have faced serious injury and are fighting each day to get stronger. Maybe someone close to you passed away, and each day you fight sadness and sorrow. Perhaps the direction of your life is not going exactly how you imagined, and each day you fight depression or regret. Life can certainly beat one to the ground. But when it does, get back up and BEAT IT THE FUCK BACK!  And when you are done kicking the shit out of life, remember to learn, laugh, and live for the moments it provides you. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Be A Tiger!

Follow the journey 13 years in the making at tigerthemovie.com

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  1. Eric LatekYou are amazing and you capturing Gary Balletto every step of the way is a gift to the world. You guys will inspire many people for a lifetime. Love you guys. And also Mauro Colangelo your touch in this makes it an adrenaline rush my man. Team Balletto!!!! gary you are like nothing I’ve seen before my brother. WOW!!!!!

  2. Eric Latek and Mauro Colangelo you are such talented artists and unique people. Visual, words, music are just perfect and inspiring. After this post I feel much stronger! Grazie di cuore!

  3. Gary’s fight inspires us all in our own struggles. Respect to you, Erik, for putting your heart and soul into this movie. It will change the world – forever.

  4. Wow!! Well done!!! Gary definetly earned his nickname Tiger!! Nothing but Respect!!

  5. This is awesome!! I often wonder why something so terrible could happen to such a great person but I think God knew what he was doing when this happened. No one could inspire others the way you do and you have a platform to reach out and show people that no matter what, you should never give up! Most people would let this ruin their lives but you keep moving forward and inspiring others to do the same. Absolutely amazing!

  6. Mauro Colangelo is nothing but the best.. Amazing work. Can’t wait to see the final product! Gary Balletto you are UNSTOPPABLE! Xo

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