Project: TIGER

Extended Trailer

Director/DP/Editor: Eric Latek

Music Score: Mauro Colangelo

“Tiger” is a story of boxer Gary “Tiger” Balletto, whose rise as a world champion boxer tried to unionize the sport of boxing. Along with his recent unfortunate accident that has left him unable to walk and his road back through recovery. Although Tiger Balletto fought like a champion with the ropes, his greatest battle lies outside the ring. A true love story between Gary and his wife Christina and their bond to over come all.

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  1. Anyone can make a commercial or what passes for a documentary these days. It takes a real filmmaker to not only capture this moment but also to have the trust of these two people to allow you to be there. Nice work my friend. I know this was not easy for you. I am following your story of Gary and Chissy closely.

  2. Thank you Tom Zammarelli this has certainly transcended making a film in so many ways. I know there is something bigger at the end of this, as does Gary and Chrissy and circle of close friends and family. The love and trust within our group is rather amazing. To allow to be filmed at their most helpless of times is beyond courageous and trustworthy! Its very difficult for all of us, but we know this film will give inspiration to those who are not inspired, and hope to those who are hopeless.

  3. Wow… An incredibly moving moment. Doesn’t surprise me though, Gary is truly a fighter and capable of incredible things. So is his family.

  4. I thought I couldn’t cry anymore…I was wrong..but it is wonderful to know that he has come so far since this moment..

  5. I just watched the trailer again this morning….So well done…on all levels…powerful story….masterful filmmaking….it’s that perfect “combination” of content and style….so rare these days!

  6. I can not wait to see the whole movie! I feel for this family and I think it’s wonderful they are willing to share their story. They are beautiful and inspiring. I hope the love and support they receive from family and friends helps during difficult times. Truly amazing.

  7. As I watch this I can see her just as scared as sad as him , but she sits there with a protective warming smile and makes sure he feels safe and loved holding back any feelings to make h feel better ❤️the strength she has in this clip is breath taking the love they have is priceless brought tears to my eyes

  8. I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite movies of all time! Excellent job filming excellent people! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much everyone! The comments are amazing! This is the positivity Gary and Christina need being that they gave themselves to us in this way. They are sharing the most crucial of times in their lives with the idea that they can impact other people. So I am, as well as I know Gary and Christina will be, extremely happy by the response. Thank you everyone!

  10. Eric Latek – this is one of the pieces that Christina & Gary gave us a preview at their house, I remember Christina being anxious to show it and Gary being apprehensive to watch…after viewing it, I turned to him and said ” you should be so proud…look how far you have come……I am so happy for him, I am confident this is a fight he is going to win and I personally learn a life’s lesson each time I share time with him, truly inspiring! ♥

  11. That poor kid!… I will add him to my prayers. Jesus is our healing physician Amen!

  12. I am speechless , beautiful work Eric…you caputured such private and special moments between them…I dont think I have to say anymore…xxoo

  13. Eric Latek, your a master piece my friend, and this Movie “TIGER” is such a big part of Gary’s and Christina’s life in pushing Gary to walk and never to think at any moment anything less. We are all in this together. Asirvada…

  14. Stay strong Gary, you know better than anyone that great wins are hard,challenging and breaking!! But you a fighter and your boss lady on your team!! You two gonna win this… xoxo

  15. Eric Latek your doing a beautiful job with this movie n you are a great friend to them thank you …

  16. Keep fighting champ!!! God bless u an your family!!! Stay strong my friend. God is good!!!

  17. Many prayers and much support for our family is such a gift! Keep them coming to build momentum and encourage them through this journey! They truly are courageous souls!

  18. Gary, I love you man. You are a great man and you will fight through this. Your wife and family are always going to be right there with you.

  19. Gary sorry I have not been around , I will tell you when I see you but I like you to know that you saved my Life !!!!! I think of you and your Great Wife all the time ! Your a great Man and pray everyday for you !!! Stay strong my Man !!!!

  20. God Bless You Gary and Your Beautiful Family….our Prayers for a Full Recovery are with You Everyday!! God Bless the Strenght and Love that You and Chrissy have for one another, you are both an inspiration to us all.!! Your words in this video Speak Volumes of what “Real Love” for somone Truly is!!…TheSasa Family

  21. My God….i’m speechless after watching that amazing trailer. It hit deep inside my heart…we all pray to see the most incredible and happy ending!!

  22. Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” I believe you both have the courage and fortitude to keep moving forward. Love you!

  23. I cried when I saw this..And as anyone on this earth can tell you…That takes some doing..I’m praying for you Gary with all my being..

  24. Gary is a great man I was just telling the folks at the barber shop the other day what a good guy he is as they were talking about famous fighters and boxers

  25. Gary Balletto & Christina Puiatti-Balletto have such beautiful hearts for others. My thoughts & prayers for complete healing, renewal & prosperity

  26. Chris Cap because of productions, I’m out of Rhode Island much, much more than I’m in RI buddy. I wish I were there now.

  27. Comte Sayed Najem you are one of the Rocks by Gary’s side when he was at his worst brother! You’re a special man!

  28. really—really terrific eric………….top notch per usual with you name on something…..

  29. Thank You, Mr. Director! Eric Latek, we are all one. All part of the same one love. What your creating for him & his family, the world will be inspired. You Eric, are a huge gift for all of our lifes. thank you for making me part of yours, & your family.

  30. Unbelievable. Truly are amazing Eric Latek. The talent and capturing these moments. It’s a story and inspiration that will live on forever. Great job buddy

  31. Tagging this for Gary Vaynerchuk to see. I mentioned to you in Phoenix that my friend Eric Latek is making a film on Gary “Tiger Balletto. This is the trailer.

  32. Absolutely stunning. Makes me cry….this family is so strong and inspirational. Can’t wait to see thw finished product!

  33. Eric Latek THIS. IS. EPIC. This story is inspiring, and so are YOU! Great work!

  34. Gary Balletto is a the brother of my family’s friend Gina Murray. Can i say this movie will touch ur heart. He has the eye of the tiger no pun intended. He is a fighter, a family man, and a man of god. Watching these two trailers made root for Gary to fight back and 100% again. Things happen to us only god knows but from diversity comes victory. Gary your a strong guy i know you will beat this injury and you will walk again

  35. This is an amazing trailer what an emotional true story and the production is spectacular Eric is a great film maker



  38. Amazing! Eric has done a wonderful job of capturing your fight and journey to recovery of WHOLENESS! It’s going to happen! Be it as according to your Faith! So let our Faith arise! I’m so proud of you Gary Balletto, Christina Puiatti-Balletto and children and the extensive support you have! Thank you for the inspiration that you are everyday! You stay true to who God made you to be! NEVER GIVE UP!

  39. i watched the trailer and think its great i saw you fight before you retired from the ring and you were a great champion.

  40. i’am sure you will walk again because you still have the fight in you and the love for your family and friends they can only keep a good man down for so longgood luck to a great champ.

  41. Eric take as long as you, Gary as well as his family need to. Once again I’m looking forward to seeing. When it is released I’m pretty sure a Oscar will fallow.

  42. You will Mr. Director Eric Latek, your ways is the only way the film will venture & reach the world’s eyes in entering all human souls in knowing life is precious. As “YOU” are the gift. Hugs, love you & blessings upon you & your family.

  43. Scott C. Miller FX Wow! Thank you so much for the amazing words and support my friend!!!!

  44. Comte Sayed Najem you’re the best!!!! Thank you as always brother!

  45. Thank you for updates. Such a wonderful family and Since this is a true story, it goes hand in hand w Gary’s healing and he is doing remarkable things ;). Balletto strong

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