The history of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mayweather Sr. has been one of a well-publicized, controversial father-and-son feud. The Mayweathers have been known as the “BadGuys of Boxing”. Well, this is a side of Floyd never-seen by fight fans.

As I was in Vegas filming Floyd Mayweather Jr. begin his 6-Fight, 9-figure journey with Showtime, I was able to get some alone time with Floyd’s father. Having finally reconciled with his son, Mayweather Senior became very candid about his feelings for Floyd, as well as all his children. Being a Father, and perhaps someone who is sentimental, Floyd’s sincerity really struck me. What I originally thought would be a typical, high-octane, popcorn-type of one on one with Floyd, became a very genuine and endearing confessional, from a father to a son.

In post I felt Floyd’s words was our music, and the moments of reflection required pure silence. This was a side of Floyd Mayweather Sr. that was a 180 to what the rest of the media typically displays. It was honest and refreshing, and I felt honored to have been able to capture it. Therefore, I felt it would be a disservice to try and fashion this with traditional face-paced cuts, dramatic music, and a butchery to a father’s words of honesty. Rather lets see and hopefully feel those moments of silence, reflections and honesty. Instead of the expected showboating for the camera, the curtain was down, and the real Floyd Mayweather was finally seen. That of a father. Hope you feel it.

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  1. I remember watching Floyd Mayweathers fight on Friday Night Fights. I watched the fights with my dad(your grandfather) every Friday night.

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