Project: TIGER


A Film by Eric Latek

Music Score: Mauro Colangelo

Tiger Trailer 2 focuses on the connection between Gary and Christina. There was a beautiful voice of inspiration by Christina to Gary that I captured just as the two were about to have a workout session for Gary’s injury. It’s the driving force for this trailer. As always, I stress that even though I am applying a more cinematic technique in terms of look and feel to this documentary, everything you see is real, in a purely passive/verite aesthetic. I have poured my filmmaker’s soul into this story for the past 13 years, with a few more years to go. However, for now, hope you enjoy the trailer.

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  1. Gary Balletto Christina Puiatti-Balletto you are both in my prayers and heart. I love you both so much. Have faith god has a plan for your healing.

  2. The trailer to the movie is so touching!!!! It brought tears to my eyes. However, after watching other video clips and seeing Gary’s progress thus far, he will too WIN this fight!!! Thoughts and prayers are with the entire Balletto Family!

  3. Gary…….you will rise above this……you are a very strong person and u have the fight inside you!!! Your wife is the EYE OF THE TIGER!!!! You have an amazing support system!!!!

  4. Very poignant and heart felt words from Gary Balletto talking about the vows that one takes at marriage and reflecting on the true meaning as they apply to life. God Bless You Gary and thank you for inspiring words. Sincerely Michael J. Coppola

  5. This is just amazing Mr. Director, I mean mind blowing, heart warming, powerful and very touching. Wow, wow, wow!!!

  6. Amazing special people loved by all. Gary is a Tiger and Christina has a Lions heart. Sending our love and best always

  7. Powerful! Done so well to capture the human spirit! Beautiful family of mine and the friends that support them are amazing!

  8. Stay strong. Sending many positive thoughts and wishes to you all. Keep fighting Gary! Peace and love.

  9. miss seeing you Gary Balletto sending blessings and prayers to keep you going can’t keep a good man down and to Chris you will make it through all this and come out stronger than ever love will make all things right

  10. Ahhhh……I admire her strength and courage. Not many people could do this. Her love for him perseveres everything. It breaks my heart when I hear how her voice breaks trying to tell her story. I wish for them.positive news with developments in his recovery. We are all thinking of them.

  11. Very powerful in so many ways….Important that this is being captured ….”In sickness and in health.” Powerful words often forgotten….but not in this case….Wishing the Balletto family warmth, love, friendship and assistance….so they can “dance” together through life. To dance….Balletto…

  12. So proud of you and this amazing project this beyond powerful, one must believe!!! Also to be asked by you and Letitia to be a part of your amazing team!!! So blessed and so excited of what is to come!!! Positive = Positive!!! Life is Good! <3 I believe!

  13. Thank you for sharing these. Gary, his amazing wife and family are in my thoughts and prayers each and every day.

  14. Comte Sayed Najem you are one of the Rocks by Gary’s side when he was at his worst brother! You’re a special man!

  15. really—really terrific eric………….top notch per usual with you name on something…..

  16. Thank You, Mr. Director! Eric Latek, we are all one. All part of the same one love. What your creating for him & his family, the world will be inspired. You Eric, are a huge gift for all of our lifes. thank you for making me part of yours, & your family.

  17. Unbelievable. Truly are amazing Eric Latek. The talent and capturing these moments. It’s a story and inspiration that will live on forever. Great job buddy

  18. Harold ( aka Harry )

    Gary, you WILL walk again. Keep up the amazing work. NEVER give up.
    Christina, Gary is very lucky to have such an amazing woman in his corner. There is NO WAY he can lose with you there. You guys are UNBEATABLE.
    May God Bless you both.

  19. Tagging this for Gary Vaynerchuk to see. I mentioned to you in Phoenix that my friend Eric Latek is making a film on Gary “Tiger Balletto. This is the trailer.

  20. Absolutely stunning. Makes me cry….this family is so strong and inspirational. Can’t wait to see thw finished product!

  21. Eric Latek THIS. IS. EPIC. This story is inspiring, and so are YOU! Great work!

  22. Eric take as long as you, Gary as well as his family need to. Once again I’m looking forward to seeing. When it is released I’m pretty sure a Oscar will fallow.

  23. You will Mr. Director Eric Latek, your ways is the only way the film will venture & reach the world’s eyes in entering all human souls in knowing life is precious. As “YOU” are the gift. Hugs, love you & blessings upon you & your family.

  24. Scott C. Miller FX Wow! Thank you so much for the amazing words and support my friend!!!!

  25. Comte Sayed Najem you’re the best!!!! Thank you as always brother!

  26. Thank you for updates. Such a wonderful family and Since this is a true story, it goes hand in hand w Gary’s healing and he is doing remarkable things ;). Balletto strong

  27. Absolutely amazing !!! Keep up the great job your doing. !!! You are getting up again and will fight this fight , and you WILL WIN!!!

  28. A hero, a warrior, a good soul and most importantly, a fighter! Your story is so inspiring! Every clip I see and story I read amazes me more and more. Thank you for sharing your life, your struggle and your impressive journey. I wish you all the best!

  29. God bless u Gary and your amazing family ur right your wife is beautiful and smart and u both r luckey to have each other keep up the fight good luck with the stem cell I pray u do walk again pray for strength

  30. Gary u don’t know me but we have alot of mutual friends. U keep fighting champ never give up! God made u a champ for a reason to make sure that you win the biggest fight of your life!!! God bless! Paul Quinn.

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